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MountainGirlClothing was created in 2008 by using my grandmother's hand-me-down sewing machine, a little inspiration and pile of thrifted clothing.
My friends at art school would call me "Mountain Girl" as I was the only one in the group who was not from a big city, so my business name was born.
While there, I studied fiber arts and fashion design. It brought me so much joy,

I just knew I wanted to continue upcycling and slow fashion as my full-time job.I find so much joy repurposing t-shirts,fabrics and other materials to create new garments for others to enjoy.

I run MountainGirlClothing out of my studio space in New Hampshire.
I am very grateful to be able to support my daughter and family by doing what I love.
I hope you find as much joy out of these creations as I do in making them.
Thank you so very much for your purchase.

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